Visual Portfolio

Duo Fabulae Facebook Cover, 2021

Duo Fabulae Concert Poster, 2021


Duo Fabulae’s motto is “we tell stories through music”, therefore, with every image the brand needs to convey a strong sense of narrative. The brand uses black and white as primary colours to create tension and the illusion of the stage lighting. The hands, being the only expressive elements in the image have been coloured as a metaphor of music coming to life.

The duo Fabulae brand being modern and expressive wouldn’t be the same without the sharp edges of the Acumin Typeface. The sence of space in the design is created by a clear hierarchy in size and weight of the text, and a wider spacing between the lettres.

Private Commission Portrait, 2021

Photo Editing

This modern baroque portrait explores the symbolism behind the compositional techniques of the period. Either seen as a representation of Eve in the Garden of Eden or the greek goddess Aphrodite, the subject is directly lit and placed over a black background imitating the chiaroscuro technique.

The dynamic of the composition is created by juxtaposing all the elements in a manner that an illusion of movement is created. The subject’s hair is tilting to one side, the parrot’s wings extended in the air and the apple hovering over the hand.

Nino Rota Concert Thumbnails, 2021

Social media

Here are two thumbnails created to advertise a concert for the Sands Films Studio. In this design, rectangular elements of different sizes, textures and opacities have been rearanged to create an illusion of volume, making this a modern and dynamic composition.

Duo Fabuale was looking for an digital collage of composer Nino Rota that visually represented the melancholy, nostalgia and modesty, often evoked by his music. Using the blue gradient pallete and the moon as a metaphore of night, the left hand side of the image represents one’s imagination. On the right hand side of the portrait, three circles make the shape of a CD representing the real  and physical side of music.

Floros Ensemble logo, 2020


Floros Ensemble is an emerging group of classical musicians who create didactic performances.

The ensemble was looking for a graphic that represented the idea of listening to music through a seashell. The end result is a hybrid between music, a treble clef, and the seashell. 

“Lorena really made an effort to understand our ideas so that she could make the perfect design for us!”  

Julia H. – Violinist of the Floros Ensemble

Englė Andrejevaitė Concert Proposal Booklet, 2021


Eglė Andrejevaitė is a professional pianist who was looking for a short document she could send to venues. Here is a simple concert proposal booklet I designed for her with a pure and elegant design so that it would represent her. The booklet is an A5 landscape digital PDF of six pages that includes a biography and a programme proposal.

“Lorena created an amazing concert proposal booklet for a client. Exceptional design and attention to detail absolutely exceeded my expectations.” 

Grytė N. – Manager of Eglė Andrejevaitė

Materials for the Fundamentals of String Quartet Playing course, 2019


The Jubilee String Quartet Academy launched their first interactive online course in 2020. Following the brand guidelines of the Jubilee String Quartet, I created the course’s identity and developed it into multiple designs to create a bold and modern advertising campaign. The image for the academy is composed by a photo collage of a forest with a pencil drawing of a scroll with roots, a metaphor of the foundation classes offered by the school.

In this three-month long project, besides creating media such as posters and thumbnails for Facebook, Instagram, Eventbrite and Vimeo, I also created interactive PDF brochures with the course information and the FAQ’s. As the course presented a set of three live-streamed masterclasses, I designed a guiding booklet for each of them that included all the lecture content so that the students could follow de sessions better.