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Lorena Cantó Woltèche

My name is Lorena Cantó and I am a professional violist with an active career as a performer in various ensembles – the Jubilee String Quartet, duo Mirage and duo Fabulae. I loved music from a young age as I was brought up in a family of musicians. My father being a violist, I one day decided to pick up the viola too. Since then, I have known I wanted to become a professional violist. I feel very lucky being surrounded by my amazing teammates in their different settings and being able to play and work with them. I have two goals as a violist, the first one being to find the key to sounding like the human voice and the second one, to divulge knowledge about my instrument.

My experience...

Having studied with over 20 viola teachers from around the world, I can now say that I have a full life working with my chamber groups, teaching courses with the Jubilee String Quartet Academy and using my graphic design skills to help musicians promote themselves. With my chamber music experience I have taught in institutions such as the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire or the Purcell Chamber Music Academy. Despite having passed through prestigious schools such as the Yehudi Menuhin School and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, nothing can prepare you for the moment when you decide to choose your own path within the wide world of classical music. I say broad, because although at first glance the options were limited, I did not opt for any of them. It turns out that the number of paths to create is as many as there are people on the planet, and for this you only need great determination and imagination. At the time, I felt totally supported by the people around me in my decisions, so with all my experience both as a musician and as a human, this time I want to help you become a musician that embraces change. 

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I’ve been part of the music industry for more than ten years and gone through many life changing situations that have made me realise that to me, music is a philosophy of life and not merely a career. It’s about learning from ourselves and our own experiences by challenging what we know and asking questions. Together with my graphic design skills, I will help you inspire your practice and promote yourself. Sign up to learn more about me and my upcoming courses and webinars!


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