Graphic designer

Lorena Cantó is a Spanish and Belgian violist and graphic designer based in London‭. ‬Since 2021‭ ‬she has been taking a two-year Master’s programme at the Open College of Arts‭. ‬Tutored by Barry Hurd and Emma Powell‭, ‬she found her niche in raising issues within the classical music industry‭. ‬A recurring theme in her work‭. ‬

Brought up in a musical environment‭, ‬Lorena‭ ‬started playing the viola at the age of five‭. ‬At the age of 16‭ ‬she moved to the UK to study at the Yehudi Menuhin School where‭ ‬she met artist-in-residence Patsy Belmonte and started developing her skills in drawing and painting‭. ‬As a result of her artistic commitment to the school‭, ‬in 2016‭ ‬she was awarded the Brackenbury Art Prize‭.‬

Upon graduation‭, ‬Lorena moved to London where she began her Bachelor studies in viola performance at the Guildhall School of Music‭ & ‬Drama‭. ‬This represented a new stage in her career‭, ‬with the discovery of Barbican’s brutalist landscape and the art of graphic design‭. ‬Fascinated by the similarities between sound and image‭, ‬she started researching and experimenting with the topic of‭ ‬visual storytelling and translation‭. ‬

Today‭, ‬Lorena combines her life as an active performer with her path as a graphic designer‭. Lorena’s work is characterised by its boldness and minimalism‭, ‬inspired by the expressionist work of William Kentridge and the objectivity of Alexander Steinweiss‭.‬